The Pros and Cons of Pebble Shower Floors

Most shower floors and bathrooms have taken a new look, and they will continue to look better as technological advancement grows and knowledge increases daily. Modern materials like pebbles have changed the cheesy look of shower floors as they are now employed in the construction of bathrooms and shower floors. Gone are the days when we have to be careful of each step we take in order to prevent us from falling on a slippery floor while we take a quick shower in the bathroom.

What Are Pebbles?

Pebbles are miracles of nature. They are sediments with rounded and smooth appearances. Geologists call pebbles smooth rock that fits neatly into the palm of our hands. Pebbles typically come in a variety of colors and textures. The contrasting colors and intriguing textures of pebbles make them visually appealing and attractive.

Pebble shower floors, just as the name implies, are shower floors constructed with pebbles.

What Are the Materials Used for Constructing Pebble Shower Floors?

Pebble shower floors have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their decorative nature and effectiveness. Materials such as bags of pebble stones, a kudi floor system, tile grout, a floor sealer, and a functional trowel are the necessary materials used for constructing a pebble shower floor.

The construction of pebbles requires the expertise of a professional for an aesthetically pleasing and effective result.

Pebble shower floors could be an addictive and visually pleasing addition to your bathroom. Below are some of the pros and cons of pebble shower floors.

The Pros of Pebble Shower Floors

Every modern and comfort-seeking home should have a pebble shower floor for the following reasons:

1. Pebble shower floors are easily installed

Pebble shower floors can be constructed without much stress. Although the laying of the pebbles could be time-consuming, other processes are easily and swiftly accomplished.

2. It is highly resistant to slippage

This is one of the major advantages of a pebble shower floor. It saves us from the risk of falling on a wet floor due to the uneven distribution of pebbles and the strong contact friction provided by pebbles. Pebble shower floors perfectly supersede tile shower floors, which have, in many instances, injured lives, led to body fractures, and sadly, taken the lives of people.

3. They have a beautiful flourish and a unique finish

Pebble flooring is quite alluring and stunning due to its permissive formation of new styles and designs. The pebbles can be arranged to form various styles that suit your taste. A more amazing benefit of pebble flooring is the river look it gives to one’s shower floor.

4. Pebble shower floors have a therapeutic effect on the feet

 Due to the uneven distribution of pebbles on the floor, there’s this therapeutic effect we feel on our feet while we are taking a shower. The pebbles stimulate various reflexogenic points on the soles of the feet, thereby serving as a form of massage.

5. Pebble shower floors are naturally cool

Pebbles and stones are naturally cool when felt. Laying them on our shower floors would potentially be a source of chilly comfort during hot periods.

6. They are easily affordable

Pebbles can be comfortably picked up from river areas. The construction and purchase of other necessary materials do not strain one’s wallet since the pebbles themselves are available.

7. This kind of floor does not suffer from scratches

The bothersome thought of one’s shower floor getting worn and scratched is resolved when it comes to the use of rocks like pebbles. Pebbles are basically rocks inside the bathrooms. They do not suffer from wear and tear. The only challenge that can be incurred when pebbles are used is the damage that arises from a heavy object being dropped carelessly on the shower floor. This brings about fragmented pebbles, which can be appropriately corrected by a quick repair.

The Cons of Pebble Shower Floors

Every home in pursuit of the best architectural designs and the easiest experience when it comes to taking a shower should opt for a pebble shower floor. Despite its many advantages, it has certain shortcomings. Some of the disadvantages of pebble shower floors are:

1. They are not durable

Pebble flooring does not last long enough when compared to other types of floors. They have a relatively short lifespan.  River rocks can only last effectively for 15 years, while a tile floor lasts extraordinarily for 30 years. Some other kinds of stone floors could last up to 50 years. The uneven nature of the floor causes the steadfast loss of the sealer and cleaner during cleaning exercises. This, in the long run, diminishes the lifespan of a pebble floor.

2. Pebble shower floors require a lot of maintenance

 Every shower floor has its own peculiar maintenance techniques. Pebble shower floors demand a higher maintenance level in contrast to other kinds of natural floors. The sealing of the floor to make it sufficiently waterproof could be tedious and challenging. Plus, one has to reseal the floor every six months of the year.

3. Pebble shower floors could be hurtful

Although pebble shower floors provide strong contact friction due to their uneven distribution, it could be a disadvantage. This comes in the form of the risk and hurtful experience posed to the feet whenever a shower is taken; especially when you step on roughly arranged pebbles. More so, pebbles can be uncomfortable for the bare feet.

4. Installation of floors requires the expertise of professionals

 An expert plumber is needed to vet the nature of the shower floor before the pebbles are designed. This is to obviate any form of water leakage that may arise from the pebble floors, as they are potentially waterproof.

5. Pebble shower floors give room for water retention

The uneven nature and distribution of pebbles can equally lead to water retention. Ignoring the water retained can be quite disastrous as it permits the formation of mold, and this can lead to discomfort as home occupants breathe musty air.

6. Pebble shower floors are intolerable of hard water

In areas where hard water is present, houses with pebble shower floors have to go through extensive cleaning as hard water reactively forms a thin chalky film on pebbles. This therefore mandates the subsequent cleaning of pebble shower floors immediately after they are used.

It is popularly said that every good thing has its corresponding shortcomings. Pebble shower floors would certainly not be an exception. Hence, give that bathroom of yours a new and more appealing look by constructing a pebble shower floor. It is worth everyone’s investment.

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